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Lost our lease and we are retiring. Amazon Aquarium will officially close its doors on July 31, 2015.

Selling custom-made 30 gal. hatchery tanks. New were $65. Now $25 for walnut trim and $30 for oak. Each is 24x24x11". All are drilled out.
Also selling 29-gal. and 55-gal. tanks, plus lots more equipment and supplies.
Call Susan Riedel at 602-769-8753.

Welcome to Amazon Aquarium & Pets

We are a 34-year old family-owned and operated independent pet store. We feature a large selection of freshwater aquariums. There is a select assortment of saltwater fish.

We offer a selection of tropical and marine fish, reptiles and amphibians, small animals, and supplies. We'll also whet their appetites with live worms, crickets, mealworms, brine shrimp, feeder goldfish and guppies, feeder mice and rats, and frozen fish food.

We carry under gravel as well as canister, power heads and all other types of filters.

We hope you can come by and visit. We are located at 43rd Avenue and Thunderbird, in the SE corner next to Gordy’s Bike Shop. There's plenty of parking for school buses, too!

If you don’t see what you want ask. We can get it for you at no extra cost.
We do layaways year round.
We discount if you pay cash:
Under $20.00 5%,
Over $20.00 10%.
In other words, we'll take care of you and your pets for a lot less money.

Yes, We Offer Teacher Discounts...
If you are a teacher, school program or recreational director, a scout leader, Sunday school teacher, or day care worker -- you are entitled to 10 percent off every purchase you make every time.

We give the military a discount also